Terms and Conditions

Agreement Terms and Conditions 

The Package is detailed in the Documentary Confirmation Form.

Where new copyright is created, for example from editing 3rd party media, One World Network will grant royalty free license to the Clients.

The Client warrants and undertakes to procure that all persons whom the Client wishes to be interviewed have agreed to the reproduction on One World Network of all interviews, speeches and pronouncements made by them in connection with the Documentary Confirmation Form.

In the instance that the Event is rescheduled to take place at a different venue, date or time as agreed between the parties, the terms of this Agreement shall continue in force and apply to the new venue, date or time as if the rescheduled conference was the Event.

If the Event or Distribution is cancelled the Client shall be entitled to a reimbursement of the Agreement Fee less any production or other costs incurred by One World Network.

Rejection or Cancellation

If written notice of cancellation is received by One World Network within seven days of the signed confirmation order form being received, One World Network will, to the extent that it has been paid, refund and to the extent that it has not been paid, remit, the entire liability for the Agreement Fee.

If written notice of cancellation is received between seven and twenty-one days of the signed Confirmation Order Form being received One World Network, One World Network will remit or refund as appropriate 50% of the Agreement Fee.

Receipt of any purported notice of cancellation outside the timescales given above will be of no consequence. The Client will be responsible for the full Agreement Fee as if purported cancellation had not taken place, excluding such committed third party expenses as World Energy TV Limited is able to avoid liability for within its existing contractual commitments to suppliers.

Payment Terms and Conditions

The cost is detailed in the Documentary Confirmation Form.

The cost is to be paid on receipt by the Client of an invoice in respect of the sum due (“Agreement Fee”).

Sales tax will be charged where applicable.

The Confirmation Order Form must be signed and returned to One World Network and this will confirm that you have read and agree to abide by the payment terms and conditions detailed above.

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